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Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray

Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray

Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray    Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray

Twin strollers double stroller - the new model 2016 - crown tt14 - gray. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Twin car "tt14" of the crown - gray / gray. New: the twin tt14 stroller in timeless gray. Crown carriages are constantly being developed and improved.

Vgt light and handy design. Fully rotating front wheel with locking function.

Quick-fold system of fast and easy collapse. Basket under the car and many other topics. In the chic neighborhood of twin cars? A real joggers, easy and elegant.

Forget the problems with the twin car. The tt14 is not only lightweight and handy and extremely maneuverable and steerable, it offers plenty of room for your twins. But it is still too close for anywhere to get through! This well-thought-out twin stroller redeems you from problems in supermarkets, at the cash register, etc. Also the climbs can be approached much better because of the low weight.

Super protection against the sun, the wind and the weather! The sunshade is easy, fast and adjustable.

They have their children even when locked hood in the blink of an eye through the practical, separately lockable window 2. Protects against the elements, whether hot or cold.

The back is a bag of odds and ends. The schiebebügelgriff was melted in the new version to 100 cm.

This allows ergonomic and effortless sliding. For additional protection against rain for the tt14 also an optional mounting rain cover in the shop! 360 ° double swivel wheels & more serviceable. With a handle, you can lock the front wheels of pure driving in a straight line. Otherwise, washing, the wheels can be rotated 360 °.

Back, it has bigger wheels, which offer more comfort by pushing the stroller. So, the stroller can be easily drawn - no tedious shoot and pressing on more curves! Tubeless punctures of tires and plastic plates are avoided. In addition, the soft profile provides good damping and ride characteristics.

Beam support & safety 5 points! The crown tt14 is equipped with a padding harness 5 points. So can not rauspurzeln or take out his child. For added protection and support, there is an optional front bar, where we can say that explorers can enjoy the ride even more!

The holder can be removed easily and quickly even with the comfortable connector. In order to ensure safety and stability has been taken on a quality framework. Here's the width of the back leg ensures safe stability. The backrest is adjustable for both parts separately. If you can go individually to each child: for one of the twins lying and sitting on the other.

While the rest is freely adjustable from the supine position to the vertical sitting position. The backrest is padded and comfortable.

File: 45 x 30 cm cork total area: 68 x 30 cm. And already optimally from birth. Through the corresponding flexible nacelle that is available as an option, the tt14 is already directly after the birth of your twins!

The bags can be inserted in, as well against the direction of travel. Other bags can be used. And if the twins are bigger, just remove the softtragetschen and use the car as a jogger. With integrated 5-point belts, your children are well protected.

The soft transport chen are available in many different colors! The tt14 can be folded by the quick-fold system quickly with two handles in seconds. Simply press a red side lever and the red safety handlebar handle and the car can be folded playfully. Thus, it is necessary to save space in small cars and can be worn by a woman. According to the latest safety standards of the EU certified.

12 tires with quick coupler. Manövrierbares optimal 360º front wheel. Adjustable 180 ° rear seat & adjustable footrest. Removable washable cover & machine. Area located by seat: 68 x 30cm. Built around with wheels (l x b x h1): 100 x. Folded with wheels 100 x 80 x 45cm. Buggy weight: about 14 kg.

Color differences and presentation changes. All that is necessary is equal to this one. 1 x tt14 to gray.

1 x sun / fanfare canopy. Only the best for your child. Like comparing with other models - you will feel the difference. Notes on disposal of the battery. In connection with the distribution of batteries or with the delivery of the devices, batteries included, we are obliged to remind you the following: you are legally obliged to return used batteries to the final consumer. You can return used batteries, lead us or have them, like new batteries in the range for free at our shipping warehouse (delivery address).

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Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury. Special characteristics of the sale of starter batteries. In the context of the sale of vehicle batteries, we are regarding consumers, in accordance with § Battg 10 is obliged to make a deposit of 7.50 euro ttc, if you return an old battery at the time of purchase of a new vehicle battery each battery.

The deposit is not included in the price and is displayed in addition to the final price of the item. Return an old car battery with us, we lead battg as a new battery in the range according to § 9 or have performed, we are obliged to take back for free and refund the deposit under the legal provisions.

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But, you have the option to return the used battery on the deposit stamp recognize themselves. A presentation of the deposit paid mark will be returned the battery covered by us. Please follow the instructions above. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you still have a reason for complaint, please contact us before your exam simply via the debay contact form. Of course you can also contact us by phone (see below). We want to try to solve your problem. Otherwise, we thank you for your positive evaluation if all goes well: how exactly corresponded to the description of the product?

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This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, Germany.
  1. number of seats: two places
  2. template: tt14
  3. vehicle weight (kg): 14
  4. brand: crown
  5. equipment: 5-point safety harness, swivel wheels, universal power
  6. type: strollers for Gemini
  7. ean: not applicable
  8. manufacturer part number: not applicable

Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray    Twin Strollers Double Stroller New 2016 Crown Tt14 Gray