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Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita

Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita

Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita   Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita
This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 3-in-1 stroller with carrycot and kerttu accessories.

Page purchased directly from the manufacturer, a qualifying product. Kirtu and only with us, you will receive a "door to door" guarantee for one year. In this article, I want to introduce the twist and lirdo models.

These two models have the same structure and the same collorazionemi available but have a difference. For customers looking for an elegant and traditional style, we created the lirdo model. While for those who prefer to have a sporty stroller and with a new twist, we created the model with danny flounces ideal for any type of asphalt. Both models were created to think of your baby's comfort and maximum convenience for parents with colors and a new look.

This is the lirdo model. This model has the same twist structure model only wheel change. The model has four wheels and is intended for those who prefer buggies with an elegant and classic. Designed to give maximum comfort and safety, in any season.

This is the twist model. This model has the same structure and the same options as the lirdo model. But it has a difference, the model has two wheels before steering twist.

Improve a more comfortable curve and it was created especially for customers looking for a sporty and modern model, this model are an excellent choice. This is designed for any type of soil and does not miss built-in options for any season. Video to view the video product visit our website. The stroller with suspension for comfort and safety. The changing table to change the baby when you are outside.

Large shopping cart under the shopping stroller easier. A plate type saucer useful always connect to the buggy with ease. Egg cars that can also be plugged into the structure without the need for adapters. Leg covers for pushchair and stroller. The cradle type of sleeping bag but with ideal wooden base for the first months, hold a fifth child.

Adapted from birth to 18 kg. Stroller and cradle mounted on a single structure.

Independent wheel suspension on each of the four wheels so that the child will not notice the bumps. With fixed wheels are easier to carry the stroller between curbs and potholes of the streets. Adjustable handle that allows you to assemble the stroller, the cradle in two directions, easy to assemble. Handle adjustable in height (from 74 to 114 cm).

For brakes on all wheels with two locking systems, one per axle, sicurezza of your child. Adjustable backrest in 4 positions for the comfort of your baby.

Adjustable footrest in 5 positions, covered with pvc. Seat belts are adjustable in 5 positions.

Rear seat protected by a grid to prevent a possible fall of the child when the stroller is tilted. Guardrail, covered with pvc that doubles as a pool table, depending on the functions. A small sleeping bag with two comfortable handles for easy transport.

Hood with ventilation window (useful in summer) and a large pocket. Large bag, which can be hung from the handle or shoulder strap. Variable from the docking station function for stroller. Sweet baby bed can be placed in the pram.

Rain cover and mosquito net. 2 hinges to open comfortably. Certified in accordance with international standards and standards for any car. 5 points of harness, opening with a pottone which is very practical. Leg cover, combined with the stroller.

Backrest adjustable to 90 °. Today in pvc coated legs. Schedules to receive 10 maximum 15 working days are products.

The trolley is made from high quality materials that meet all the requirements for materials for the manufacture of wheelchairs. Frame weight without wheels 8 kg (10 kg wheels). Height of the chair from the ground to the shed 110 cm. The length of the gondola 70 cm.

The width of the cabin 32 cm. The length of the stroller 75 cm. The width of the stroller 62 cm. Front and rear wheels 12 inches. Take a look at other objects.

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  1. ean: not applicable
  2. country of manufacture: poland
  3. brand: kerttu
  4. additional features: bag, hood, hood / blanket, basket, with rain cover
  5. Manufacturer Part Number: 065627225657
  6. age compatible: dalla birth
  7. type: trio

Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita   Trio Stroller Seat-auto Combi-stroller-seat Twist 3in1 Modeperes. Com Ita