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Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful

Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful
Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful

Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful    Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful

Crown "st916" single stroller jogger sports car gray - beautiful. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

360 ° front wheel table sleeping cup holder position. Crown 'st916' jogger stroller - black. New: sport st916 jogger stroller in cool black. The new jogger crown "st916" sets new standards - and not only in terms of trend! Also 2018 with a lot of innovations.

Vgt light and handy design. 360 ° swivel front wheel with locking function.

Easily accessible rear parking brake (single-link brake). Quick-fold system of fast and easy collapse. Table with cupholders front and back. 50,00 holiday check for the "alpenrose" children hotel. Not only looks like fashion.

A jogger who walks the marks of the parades. The st916 is a multi talent, which allows for a down-to-earth family life in conjunction with the active lifestyle of modern parents. It convinces not only by its quality of manufacture, its light weight and easy handling, but with its many details: to cover all climatic conditions, network of lustensile and bag that you can accommodate everything and last but not least the harness system 5 points for the safety of your child!

Super protection against the sun, the wind and the weather! The large hood not only offers all-weather protection - hot or cold - it's also quick and easy to adjust. And thanks to the window, you can even your child when locked in the hood normally. A raincover fitting is also available for the optional st916 in the shop for added protection in the rain!

The highlight of this stroller: an integrated table on the handlebar with cupholders and untensilienfach that can be closed with the folding lid. Otherwise just think about your child, but also want to offer you comfort! 360 ° double swivel wheels & more serviceable. The front wheel can easily fix a button of pure straight driving. This is useful for example in the basement of sandy.

In the opposite case, the 360 ​​° front wheel pivots, so that the kinderwagenleicht and little lead can be. On the rear axle a single link brake, by which you can determine both rear wheels with only one kick is quick and easy to access. The air of rubber tires provides optimum damping and rocking characteristics. Beam support & safety 5 points! The crown st916 is equipped with a 5-point padded harness.

So, your child can not scramble or go out. For added protection and support, the st916 has a handrail, where we can say that explorers can enjoy the ride even more! Practically, this is integrated in the front bar with cupholders.

This design also meal breaks travel comfortably! The table can be removed quickly and easily, even with the comfortable connector. In order to ensure safety and stability has been taken on a quality framework. Here's the width of the back leg ensures safe stability. The comfortable padded backrest is adjustable with the practical tie.

So you can go on your child and it is a current need: from the bridge of the vertical sitting position, anything is possible! The footrest can also be adjusted 2 in their penchant - so you can easily do it your little junior. Optional accessory for individual needs. Other accessories for the st916 is available in addition to the rain cover: the sitzissen crown for a nice transition from the carrycot to the seat (with the cool summer side and winter face fleece) the seat insert of the crown ( thinner than the seat cushion and serves as a protective cover).

And if the twins are bigger, just remove the chen soft transport, using the car as a jogger. With 5-point integrated seat belts are your Indian securely protected. The protection corresponding to the chubby warmenwind- and cold (without your child comes perspiration ind) crown the mamabag crown for additional storage space (in different colors). The st916 allows the quick folding system quickly with two handles in the folded seconds. Press the red easy side lever and the red safety handle on the handlebars and the car can be folded down while having fun.

According to the latest safety standards of the EU certified. Before: about 25cm (10 inches). Rear tires: about 31cm (12 inches). Parking brake easily accessible (single-link rear brake). Padded multi-position and adjustable seat.

Quick-fold system for fast and easy folding. Sleeping surface: 72 x 36cm (42cm seat + seat 30cm). Built with wheels (W x B x H1): 100 x 60 x 150 cm.

Smallest folding size: about 90 x 60 x 45cm. Buggy weight: about 11.2 kg. Color and appearance changes reserved. Please note that a certain imbalance is possible with spoked wheels and does not represent any lack. Related to the production light streaks on the chassis, as well as possible shrinkage. All that is necessary is equal to this one. 1 x st916 in black. 1 x sun / fanfare canopy.

1 x safety strap with integrated table. Only the best for your child. Crown strollers are significantly different in high quality details. Like comparing with other models - you will feel the difference.

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2 months of vacation in Thailand without any problem! Super fast shipping and very good product! Fast delivery, good product, very good service! Super stroller, impeccable are very satisfied. And if it could go from page to page ... Crown - baby luxury because your child, it should be that you enjoy. Notes on disposal of the battery. In connection with the distribution of batteries or the delivery of devices, including batteries, we are obliged to remind you that you are legally bound to return used batteries to the end consumer. You can return used batteries, lead us or have them, like new batteries in the range for free at our shipping warehouse (delivery address). The symbols represented on the batteries have the following meaning.

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  1. color: black
  2. number of seats: single seat
  3. model ,: st916
  4. brand: crown
  5. equipment: 5-point safety harness, basket, bottle holder, folding
  6. Manufacturer Part Number: st916 schwarz
  7. type: jogger
  8. ean: not applicable

Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful    Crown St916 Single Stroller Jogger Sports Car Gray Beautiful