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Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf

Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf

Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf    Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf

Chicco combi travel system trio living smart color stroller to choose from nine. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Chicco travel system trio stroller system living choice of intelligent color new. Chicco trio smart travel system living. Smart living: It has never been so easy and convenient to get around the city. The smart living travel system is our new modular system. It makes the child feel comfortable and is convenient for parents to use. The smart living travel system can be used in 4 configurations. A wide range of accessories can adjust the stroller system every step of your child's growth, from birth up to 3 years. This allows you and your baby to enjoy maximum comfort. Nacelle / bathtub child smart living.

Auto-fix fast baby seat incl. Smart living is our new thoughtful and practical, detailed stroller. Ideal for exploring the small city of youth. The sports car has a convertible seat that can be sent to either parents or the street.

When eye contact with mom or dad, the baby always looks familiar for him in his first outings. Later, after about 6 months, when the child begins to develop the curiosity of its surroundings, you can turn the seat of a simple hand movement and turning of the road. Thus, the world around it can be discovered, admired and known. The wide and comfortable seat of the sports car is equipped with soft fabrics and plenty of padding. The backrest can be adjusted with one hand in four different positions and completely folded down to the sleeping surface.

This smart living offers your child's birth the greatest convenience. The straps and buckles are softly padded and protect the youngster for traveling.

Frontguard and armrests are completely covered with soft materials, so your child comes exclusively with soft surfaces in berührung. Die-hard wheels make the car stable and at the same time easily controllable. Swivel and lockable front wheels ensure optimum driving characteristics depending on the terrain. The large practical window in the hood, you can always keep your child in the eyes. The removable net is perfect for your child, even in warm, sunny weather.

The hood has a dual function: excellent, comfortable winter protection and large sunroof in summer. The back of the hood can be removed to ensure good air circulation. The handles of life smarts can be rotated in 8 different positions and offer the possibility in a connected slide to transform. So you can control the car with one hand too. The adjustable footrest made of robust material for optimal grip of the feet.

The very light chassis can be folded very compact. Foldable with seat in both directions and without seat. Smart living is equipped with an intuitive and safe braking system that is easy to use with your foot. The seat of the stroller can be easily removed with one part of the frame. The elegantly designed frame with high contrast, matte finish is available in black and gray, depending on the substance in both versions.

Open dimensions: l 93 x b 55 x h 105 cm. Folded size: l 41/46 x h 96 cm. The smart living travel system pod is spacious and comfortable, ideal for your little ones from the first days of life. Breathable fabrics, an external headrest adjustment and a hood provide a cozy nest in the first pan and walks.

The carrycot can be easily and practically to the chassis and detach. A safe and practical solution for ergonomic rides in the car with the baby trio thanks to 2013 because kit sold separately.

The baby bath offers maximum comfort for the child. In summer, window feeding on the hood can be opened to ventilate the optimal surface. Thanks to the convenient safety system can secure the child with a belt and transported ergonomically and comfortably lying in the car, which is the most appropriate position for babies under 6 months.

Robust handle: for fast, safe transport. The headrest of the carrycot can be easily adjusted from the outside without disturbing the child as well. Breathing and breathable material ensures optimal circulation of the interior air of the stroller. Dimensions: W 89 x D 45 x H 65 cm. Smart living - baby bath.

Smart living - combined with buggy. The fast auto-fix baby car seat ensures safety and comfort. Comfortable and secure child car seats with excellent cushioning and excellent restraint system. Stiftung warentest the pelinet features auto-fix 2.2 unit and 2.0 almost with the overall rating with the 3-point isofix belt based at the international headquarters test 2011. Group: 0+ // up to 13 kg // up to 18 months.

About the docking system, the baby carrier with a hand gesture can be practically and securely positioned on the frame or on the base. Sturdy carrying handle, so that the seat can be carried simple and convenient.

Clinically tested sitzverkleinerer to promote the correct posture of the neck and back of the junior and optimal junior support the baby's head and protect it. Padded shoulder straps and buckles ensure that the belts are always comfortable and are in a good position. The fast auto-fix baby car seat is installed facing the rear of the car. About the base that stays fixed in the car, the seat can be easily attached and used quickly and safely.

The only child car seat with the base, including for the car. The base can remain buckled in the car. The baby carrier can be safely and quickly with one hand in the used car and hacked again.

Dimensions: W 67 x D 44 x H 61 cm. Weight with the base: 6.8 kg.

Weight without base: 4.6 kg. Chicco baby car seat auto-fix fast incl. Chicco auto-fix fast baby car seat in combination with smart living stroller. Powered by cross sell premium auction tools. Fri: 10:00 18:00 Sat: 10:00 14:00.

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Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf    Chicco Combi Travel System Travel Trio Living Smart Color Choice Neuf