Strollers Combined Systems

Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel

Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel
Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel
Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel
Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel
Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel
Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel

Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel   Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel

Bag of diapers (80 x 40 cm). Adapter for mounting the car seat (purchase mode).

Here we offer you the 3-in-1 florida stroller from bebebi. It contains the three essential tips. Let yourself be surprised, because in this auction you receive more free gifts. Scroll more and more towards the bottom of the page, read the text carefully and get inspired by our offer. As this set consists of so many pieces, it takes a little time to describe them all. If, however, you have any questions left, do not hesitate and contact us. When florida stroller you get a hood for baby items and buggy together. The car seat has its own hood. The stroller has lockable 360 ​​degree swivel wheels, a carrycot that can be used as a cradle, a car seat that also has a cradle function and many other advantages and possibilities. To have the joy with your product as long as possible, all of us items have a warranty of 24 less .. we chose this set for you, because it has an unbeatable value for money and is of a high quality and convincing. The production does not take place only in the EU, the treated fabrics had manufactured exclusively for strollers and the company jackmar provides safety. The stroller is subject to supreme safety standards and is manufactured according to the standard in 1888/2004.

You now see the precise description of all the features of your bebebi stroller. Our basket is, thanks to its 80 cm in length, really huge and takes into account that your children would become bigger and bigger.

With a width of 37 cm and a height of 19 cm your offspring finds enough space. The backrest is adjustable in three positions and supports your baby's efforts to sit down. There is a handle incorporated in the hood that is pushed back to the very quiet. Ventilation installed at the rear of the basket. The nacelle has a cradle function.

As soon as she is on a flat face, she rocks gently back and forth. You can disable this function by deploying the support feet. The baby seat / car seat certified by the standard EC 44/04.

The fabrics are removable for washing. A seat reducer for newborns is contained. The seat belts are fully adjustable by simple pulling. Seat belts adjustable in height.

Equipped with the sun hood. Adapter for attachment to the chassis included. The sport stroller with the protection cover against the sun, the wind and the cold. The five-point restraint system is equipped with extra thick seat covers. The roll bar has PVC sheathing.

Like this, it is to keep clean perfectly and hygienically. The basket can be filled easily.

This is not the case in most other strollers and the basket is not easy to fill. Make sure before ordering a stroller. The footrest can be put in sleeping position and it is also sheathed by pvc. Here, it makes sense because your child's shoes can no longer foul the fabric. The basket is padded softly and comfortably. The sports seat is to be installed in both directions. You can install it to see your child or the opposite way so that your child can observe the landscape. The frame and the brake. By pulling the bar at the top of the handle, the frame is unlocked and folds. It is a comfortable, simple and modern system. The rear brake system has a central foot pedal with a single control. It is a modern and well balanced system, easy to use. In particular, brake tightening is possible even with summer and thin shoes. The rear suspension is adjustable in hardness. Weight: about 4 kg (including rack and wheels: 13 kg).

Usable and portable without stroller. Window in the hood (for ventilation or for dark / light perception).

Weight: about 4 kg (including rack and wheels: 14 kg). Height-adjustable backrest with chaise longue function. Weight: about 3 kg (including rack and wheels: 11 kg). Seat upholstery for the first weeks. Height-adjustable seat belt in three positions. Removable and washable hand cover. Adjustable handle with three levels.

About 7 kg (including 10 kg wheels). Very light rack, to be stored separately.

Very large basket with shield (high resistance 3 kg). Safety brake of high quality, very easy to handle. Mosquito net for the stroller. Adapter for mounting the car seat (purchase method). Today we offer you this pram-set 3 in 1by bebebi®. It contains the following three essential attachments. Infant carrier / baby car seat. Please scroll down bit by bit, read the text and let yourself get excited by our offer.

Since this set contains so many pieces it takes some time to describe them all. The bebebi® florida pram has only one sun cannopy for the carraige baby and the buggy. The pram has360 ° pivoting wheels which can be locked, a carrycot which can be used as a cradle, a car seat with the same cradle-function as well as many other advantages and possibilities.

We have chosen this set for you because it has an unbeatable cost-performance ratio and it captivates through its very high and convincing quality. The production takes place exclusively in the eu. The materials processed have been produced exclusively for prams and the jackmar company assures their harmlessness.

The pram is subject to the highest safety standards and is manufactured in 1888/2004. Now you can see the exact description of the range of your bebebi® pram & pushchair functions. Our carrycot is, due to its length of 80 cm, really big for taken into account that children are larger nowadays. With a width of 37 cm and a height of 19 cm.

The backrest is adjustable in three positions and supports the first sitting efforts of your baby. There is a carry handle integrated into the sun canopy so it can be removed backwards very silently. The built-in breakdown on the back of the carrycot. The carrycot has a cradle function. As soon as it is placed on flat ground, it cradles softly back and forth. This function can be easily disabled.

The seat is certified according to 44/04. The materials are removable for the washing. A seat reducer for the newborns is included.

The safety belts are continually adjustable by simple pulling. The carry handle is ergonomically designed. The safety belts are adjustable in height.

Adapter for mounting on the frame is included. The pushchair with safety cover against the sun, wind and cold. The 5-point-harmess of the pushchair is equipped with extra thick belt pads. The safety bar has a pvc sheathing.

Because it is kept clean excellently and hygienically. The pram has 360 ° pivoting wheels which can be locked, a carrycot which can be used as a cradle, as well as other possibilities. Diese stütze können kinder auch zur hilfe nehmen, wenn sie in den sitz klettern. The footrest can be brought into a sleeping position and is sheathed with pvc as well.

This makes perfect sense of your child's shoes. The sheathed carrycot is soft and comfortable. The sport is in both directions. You can do it so you can see your child or other way round your child can enjoy the landscape. The frame & braking system.

The montage of the individual attachments. As you can see, it is easy to operate with.

With a single button you can unlock the attachments. The relocking works by the right of attachment. The rear braking system shows a central brake pedal with a single controlling system.

It is modern, silent and easy to use. Especially the release of the brake is even possible with thin summer shoes. 2-way suspension - the rear suspension is adjustable in hardness. They are equipped with the latest anti-vibration mounts. Together with the rear wheels this gives you the best ride for your baby.

Bebebi® florida 3 in 1pram: baby carrycot, buggy, car seat, frame and accessories. Included modules can be attached to the frame in both directions (in the front direction and in the rear direction). The rotating wheels provide particularly good maneuverability in the city. The shock absorbers and the hardness adjustment on the back of the florida pram is particularly suitable for excursions on rough terrain and even on gravel! Comfortable interior padding - made of cotton with soft plush.

Ergonomic handle integrated into carrycot hood. Details car seat r44 / ​​04 (seal). Foot protector and adjustable sun hood. Padded 3-point safety harness; 2 height adjusting positions. The cover is hand washable as it is fully detachable. It is possible to mount the buggy in the forward and reverse direction. Adjustable hood with outer pocket with zipper. Adjustable footrest with protective cap. Removable safety bar (protection from falling out). Extremely stable frame made of aluminum and steel. Comfort chassis with adjustable suspension. 24 cm and rotating 360 degrees; including lock function. Easy to hand and smooth to push; multiple height configurations (see above). Large and removable shopping basket underneath the baby seats. Textile materials are oeko-tex standard 100 certified. Stroller complies with the standard European safety in 1888: 2004. Wir bieten ihnen das florida yesterday 3 in 1 kinderwagen set. Es enthält die folgenden drei wesentlichen module. Da dieses set so viele teile im lieferumfang hat, dauert es einige zeit, um das alles zu beschreiben.

Sollten dennoch fragen unbeantwortet bleiben, dann zögern sie nicht und kontaktieren sie uns. Der kinderwagen hat 360 ° schwenkräder, die sich feststellen lassen, einen autositz, die sich zusätzlich als wiege verwenden lässt, einen autositz, der auch eine wiegefunktion hat und viele andere vorteile und möglichkeiten. Damit sie lange freude an ihrem produkt haben, haben alle unsere artikel 24 monate gewährleistung. For the purposes of this Directive, it is necessary to ensure that the quality and quality of the service are met. Die produktion findet ausschließlich in der statt.

Die stoffe, die verarbeitet werden, sind ausschließlich für kinderwagen hergestellt worden und die marke bebebi versichert die unbedenklichkeit. Der kinderwagen unterliegt den höchsten sicherheitsstandards und wird nach in 1888/2004 hergestellt. Unser babywanne ist with 76cm länge ideal for die ersten monate ihres babys.

Breeder Ein von 34cm und einer hoe von 25cm findet ihr sprößling ausreichend platz. An der sonnenhaube ist ein tragegriff eingearbeitet. Das verdeck lässt sich sehr leise nach hinten legen. Die babywanne ist weich und bequem gepolstert.

Die babywanne hat eine wiegenfunktion. Sobald sie auf einer ebenen fläche steht, wiegt sie sanft hin und her.

Sie können die wiegefunktion durch ausklappen der standfüßen abstellen. Zertifiziert nach ee r 44/04. Die stoffe sind zum waschen abnehmbar. Ein sitzverkleinerer f neugeborene is enthalten. Die sicherheitsgurte sind stufenlos durch einfaches ziehen verstellbar. Sicherheitsgurte sind in der höhe verstellbar. Der autositz ist in beiden fahrtrichtungen zu montieren. Adapt zur befestigung an das gestell enthalten. Buggy with liegefläche, ideal für einen tag unterwegs. Der sportwagen mit dem schutzverdeck gegen sounds wind und kälte. Das 5-punkt rückhaltesystem sportwagens ist ausgestattet mit extra dicken gurtpolstern. Der sicherheitsbügel hat eine pvc ummantelung. Dadurch is hervorragend und hygienisch sauber zu halten. Die vorderräder schwenken komplett 360 ° und sie haben der möglichkeit, die räder festzustellen, so dass sie besser über unwegsames gelände wie im wald zum beispiel spazieren können. Die fußstütze kann in liegeposition gebracht werden und ist ebenfalls mit pvc ummantelt.

Bei der fußstütze macht es sinn, die die schuhe ihres kinden die stoffe nicht mehr verdrecken können. Der sportsitz ist in beiden richtungen zu montieren. Können ihn so aufsetzen, dass sie ihr kind ansehen, oder sie setzen ihn anders herum auf, so dass ihr kind die landschaft betrachten kann. Das gestell & die bremse. Klein und kompakt, sich im stand.

Durch ziehen der im oberen teil des griffs angeordneten schieber wird das gestell entriegelt und klappt zusammen. Es ise ein sehr bequemes, einfaches und modern system.

Die hintere bremsanlage weist ein zentrales tretpedal mit einer einzigen steuerung auf. It is a modern system, ruhig und leicht zu bedienen. Vor germ beim lösen der bremse ist dies auch mit sommerlichen and dünnen schuhen möglich. Die hintere aufhängung ist einstellbar in seiner härte.

Neben den hinterrädern haben bei bebebi auch die vorderräder eine federung. 4-fach dämpfungssystem - sogar die vorderräder sind gedämpft. The following is a summary of the schwingungsdämpfungselementen ausgestattet. Zusammen mit den hinterrädern ergibt das eine ideale und stoßarme fahrt für ihr baby.

Die vorder federung fängt speziell kleinere unbenheiten auf unwegsamen gelände ab. So können sie ohne anheben kinderwagens einen kleineren edgestein überfahren.

3in1 kinderwagenset bestehend: babywanne, sportwagen, autositz, gestell & zubehör. Die aufsätze können individuell in beiden richtungen auf das gestell gesetzt werden.

Die schwenkräder machen den florida besonders manövrierfähig in der stadt. Durch stoßdämpfer & einer härteverstellung an den hinterrädern, ist der florida auch auf auf auf auf auf auf auf auf auf auf für auf für auf für auf unterfahren. In fahr- & gegen fahrtrichtung montierbar. Komfortpolsterung innenraums mit hypoallergen baumwolle.

Details autositz ece r 44/04 (prüfsiegel). Zugelassen für den straßenverkehr nach § 21 der stvo. Sicherheitsgurt (2-fach in der höhe verstellbar).

In fahr- und gegen fahrtrichtung montierbar. Stabilities gestell aus alu / stahl konstruktion.

360 ° schwenkräder mit feststellfunktion. Geräumiger einkaufskorb unter dem gestell. Textilmaterialien sind speziell für kinderwagen entwickelt worden. Kinderwagen erfüllt die eu sicherheitsnorm in 1888: 2004.

Una innovación of especial color: el bebebi® florida. A wide variety of funciones has a precio bajo y todo unido in a cochecito de niño 3 in 1. Nunca antes ha habido a cochecito of este tipo, es una silla de paseo como ningún otro. Las variaciones de los módulos / archivos adjuntos.

The descriptive description of the individual characteristics will be duda a poquito amplio. Pero de todos modos ese tiempo es una buena inversión porque al final del día usted realmente sabe todos los detalles. The equilibrated combination of images and textual animations of the text, concise and of calidad quickly the dará the impression of which one conbe el bebebi® florida of memoria, inclusive of which realizes the sostiene in addition to manos. In case of that pregunta alguna quedará abierta, por favor no dude in ponente in contacto con nosotros. Y antes of finally empezamos, queremos decir.

The production was raised exclusively in the EU. The materials that are procesan, are prepared for the world by the cochecitos of niño. The marca bebebi® da fe por la seguridad de los materiales utilizados.

Para prolongar the aria previa de la compra, ofrecemos una garantía de 24 meses sobre todos nuestros productos. The sillage of paseo is subject to the normas of seguridad más estrictas there is fabricated of acuerdo con la norma.

Con a surface of resto of, nuestra bañera de bebé es muy adecuado para los primeros meses de su bebé. Con una anchura de y una altura de, su desciente ate amplio de espacio hacia the derecha, hacia the izquierda y hacia arriba.

In the bonnet of the ground hay una asa of cuero-eco con a feeling of softtouch: ideal for ejemplo, para distancias cortas in el hueco de la escalera. The cape of the cochecito is able to pony for the sake of the sordina.

El capazo de bebé is suave y acolchada de manera muy cómoda. El capazo de bebé can puede bambolear: una vez puesto sobre una surface plana la bañera is bambolea suavemente.

The facilita knew cariño of coger el sueño de manera óptima. The función of cune is able to deactivate easily for the expansion of the pies of bloqueo. Certificado por e r 44/04. El tamaño del asiento can be judged as soon as the recipes of the lenan el capazo de manera óptima in todo momento. The cinturones of seguridad is able to adjust of form continually.

Por lo tanto adaptan al cuerpo de su hijo. Al mismo tiempo, is able to adjust the altura of the cinturones mientras el niño crece. El mango ergonómico es compatible with the possible manejo cuando se lleva.

El asiento of check can be instalar in ambas direcciones. This is a good way to decide if you want to explore the city and explore it with your curiosity. The parasol protects against the mayorship of the influences of the time. It can be seen that the beach umbrella is at least firm at the carcass. The adaptador suministrado asegura una sólida y segura fijación del asiento to the estructura.

A buggy with an ideal area of ​​resto día al aire libre. El cinturón de seguridad de 5 puntos de ese coche deportivo tiene mangas de hombros extra gruesos proporcionando an equilibrio buen between the seguridad y the comodidad. The barra de seguridad has a fund of cuero-eco. Such models are excellent for keeping limpia e higienica.

El punto más destacado es the opción del ajuste of the posición of descanso del buggy. Por tan sólo unos pocos mangos s'puede asegurar that el pequeño aventurero goes to sleep con suavidad y de forma pacífica después of the completion of a day of exploraciones. Debido has the flexible strucutura y las ruedas giratorias de 360 ​​gradosdel asiento deportivo florida is allowed a progreso seguro, ya sea in las aceras planas rectas o in a terreno duro y salvaje. The restapiés is able to colocar in the posición of descanso.

El asiento deportivo is able to instal in ambas direcciones. It is possible to think of a modo that will emerge to know that modio that goes to the frente para that it hijo pueda ver el paisaje. El marco & el freno.

Pequeño y compacto, seguro y estable. Doblar el marco: al arrastrar las correderas in the superior part of the mangoes, el marco está desbloqueado y puede ser plegado.

It was a simple system, por lo tanto muy conveniente y moderno. El sistema de freno trasero supports a solo pedal of central magpies. It is a useful tool for us to improve our experience, as we have completed our quest for a comprehensive list of femenino clients. Soltar el freno is posible both con delgados zapatos of verano como con calzados finos.

Cuatro vías sistema de amortiguación! Junto con las ruedas traseras resulted in a paseo muy agradable para su bebé - sin choques notable.

The sistema trasero de amortiguación es innovador y visualmente muy atractivo. It is possible to adjust to different degrees of dura. Of esa manera, the crecimiento of su crío compensated itself well.

Described of muchos años de experiencia, the suspensión delantera ha sido particularly suited to absorb pequeños golpes in difficult terrenos. Por ejemplo is able to arrollar a bordillo pequeño sin levantar el cochecito. Nuestro bebebi® florida 3 in 1cochecito de niño compone of: el capazo de bebé, silla de paseo, silla de coche, el marco y los accesorios. The dispositivos adjuntos can be united to the individual form of voice in ambas direcciones (in the dirección delantera y dirección trasera). Las ruedas giratorias proportiona una particular buena maniobrabilidad en la ciudad.

Here you will have the opportunity to relax in the charming atmosphere of the villa, which is ideally suited to the excursions of the terrenos of Spain and the surrounding countryside. It is possible to see the dispositivos in felt of marcha y al revés. Acolchado of comfort of interior hecho de algodón con suave plush. Ergonomist mango integrado in the parasol del capazo.

Detalles de mentoche de coche r44 / ​​04 (sello). Aprobado para el tráfico por carretera, de conformidad con el para 21 del código de circulación. Protector of magpies and capucha del sol adjustable.

Acolchado arnés de seguridad of 3 puntos; 2 posiciones of adjust of altura. Continuous adjustment of the cinturones posible. The cubierta is washable to mano that is completely dismountable. It is possible to climb the buggy in the vicinity of the marcha and the mountains. Capota adjustable con bolsillo exterior con cierre.

Reposapiés adjustable con tapa protección. Acolchado arnés of 5 puntos. Barra de seguridad extraíble (protección de caer fuera). Marco extremadamente estable hecha of aluminio y acero. Chasis of comfort with adjustable suspensión. 24 cm y giratorio of 360 grados; incluyendo función de bloqueo. Freno de seguridad de marcha suave. Particularmente agradable mango empujo suave al tacto; multiple configuraciones of altura (véase más arriba). There is also a large amount of laundry available for children. Textile materials its oeko-tex standard 100 certificada. Cochecito cumple con la norma of european seguridad in 1888: 2004. Oggi vi offriamo questo passeggino set 3 in 1per bebebi®. Esso contiene i seguenti tre allegati essenziali. Lasciatevi sorprendere, perched in questa asta if otterrà alcuni regali extra gratis. If there is no reason for it, he will have a good time with him, and he will try it with great attentiveness and enthusiasm. This is a momentous play of the tempo for the sake of tutti. Se, tuttavia, no dovrebbe da tutte the domande sinistra in seguito, no esitate a contattarci per chiedere aiuto.

He bebebi® florida carrozzina ha solo a parasol tettuccio for the carrozzina e il passeggino. The carrozzina dispone di 360 ruote piroettanti ° che può essere bloccato, una carrozzina, che inoltre può essere utilizzato like una culla, a seggiolino per self con la stessa culla funzione cosìcosì come molti altri vantaggi e possibilità.

In modo che può godere di questo prodotto per gli anni a venire tutti i nostri articoli hanno una garanzia di 24 mesi. Abbiamo scelto questo set per voi perché has an immeasurable rapporto costo-prestazioni e so contra distingued per la qualità molto alta e convincente. The produzione avviene esclusivamente nella ue.

I materiali lavorati sono stati prodotti esclusivamente per carrozzine e azienda jackmar assures the loro innocuità. Carrozzina è soggetta ai più alti standard di sicurezza ed ee fabbricato in conformità alla norma en 1888/2004.

Ora è possibile vedere the descrizione esatta della gamma funzioni del bebebi® bugaboo & passeggino. The Nostra Navicella, Grazie alla sua lunghezza di 80 cm. Con una larghezza di 37 cm e un'altezza di 19 cm tua discendenza troverà tutto lo spazio necessario. The schienale is regolabile in the posizioni e sostiene i primi sforzi seduta del vostro bambino. This is an integrative mania of the parasol model that posses essere rimosso all'indietro molto silenziosa. The ventilazione incorporato sul retro della navicella. The navicella ha una funzione culla. Non appena viene posto su a pianeggiante terreno, if culla dolcemente avanti e indietro.

Questa funzione può essere rimosso facilmente piegando i piedi di appoggio. He seggiolino is certificato secondo norm 444. I materiali sono rimovibili per il lavaggio. A riduttore di sede per i neonati è incluso.

The belt di sicurezza is continually regolabile per semplice trazione. The belt of sicurezza sono regolabili in altezza. Adattatore per il montaggio sul telaio è incluso. It passes with the coperchio di sicurezza contro sole, vento e freddo. It 5-point-imbracatura del passeggino è dotato di cuscinetti in più di spessore nastro. The barra di sicurezza ha una guaina in pvc. A causa di ciò è tenuto pulito eccellente ed igienico. The carrozzina dispone di 360 ruote piroettanti ° che può essere bloccato, una carrozzina, che inoltre può essere utilizzato like una culla, a seggiolino per self con la stessa culla funzione così come molti altri vantaggi e possibilità. Per i più grown, the cui gam hanno superato già sul montato sul poggiapiedi sedile sportivo, he poggiapiedi 2 è destinato al telaio.

Questo supporto puo anche portare i bambini di aiuto when so dirty sul sedile. The pedana può essere portato in una posizione di riposo ed è rivestito in pvc pure. Questo ha perfettamente senso dal momento che questo caso le scarpe del bambino not possono più farlo sporco. The navicella guaina e morbido e comfortevole. It seduces sportivo è fissato in entrambe the direzioni.

If può puts it modo in cui è possibile vedere il vostro bambino o viceversa in modo che il bambino può godere del paesaggio. He montaggio dei singoli allegati. Come if può vedere, è facilitmente e semplice da utilizzare con.

Con a solo tasto è possibile sbloccare gli allegati. The Ripetizione bloccaggio funziona automaticamente e avviene semplicemente mettendo the attacco a destra in alto. It sistema frenante posteriore mostra a pedal of central freno con un unico sistema di controllo. E'moderno, silenzioso e di easy impiego.

Especially, there is a possibility of freno è ancora possibile con sottili scarpe estive. Sospensione 2 life - the posterior sospensione è regolabile in durzza. Sono dotate dei più moderni supporti antivibranti.

Insieme con le ruote posteriori what is he giro ideale e impatto per il tuo bambino. Pratico, versatile and modern design lineare, he trio florida. A passport has been issued by the Government of Italy, in the case of viaggio.

Facilitate manovrabile, grazie ai cuscinetti a sfera e ruote anteriori piroettanti, florida ha an innovativo meccanismo di chiusura ad ombrello azionabile. Partendo dalla navicella, omologata per il trasporto in auto, the size of the guarantor guarantees a maggiore comfort, if passed alla seduta passeggino, utilizzabile sia rivolta verso i genitori che in fronte strada. In entrambe the configurazioni the pratica capotta con retina, unica nel genere, protect it your bamboo da sole, pioggia e vento. Per finire, he trio bebebi florida, include he seggiolino auto (gruppo 0) posizionabile allinterno dellauto ed agganciabile. Bebebi florida, a trio completo e di stile, reso ancora più unico grazie alla pratica borsa coordinata agganciabile al telaio.

Complies with the standard of European sicurezza in 1888: 2003 + A1: 2005 + A2 + A3 2005 2005. Great cesto (elevata capacità di carico = 5 kg). Freno di sicurezza di alta qualità. Easy da piegare e possono compattare. Ruote girevoli con cuscinetti a sfera.

Ruote anteriori 10 pollici (ca 24 cm) and ruote posteriori 12 pollici (ca 30 cm). Ruote girevoli che blocca reed. Barca rimovibile with a rigid background, lavabili interna, può essere utilizzato come culla. It can be seen on the fronte mamma e fronte strada sul telaio.

Adatto dalla nascita, che giace at 180 °. The navicella copre gambe- "sedia a dondolo" made. Complies with norma europea di sicurezza eu r 44/04.

Adatto dalla nascita (fornito con riduttore) fino at 10 kg. Fissare the heart of Sicilian attraverso he veicolo, the forniece a migliore stability and impedisce he movimento in an impatto. He tessuto e lavabile a mano. Maniglia, regolabile in various posizioni.

Compliant with the norm of European sicurezza in 1888. Cintura di sicurezza has 5 punti.

Gamba regolabile poggia su various posizioni. Schienale regolabile in 3 posizioni, posizione sdraiata. Ampio cappuccio per proteggere il vostro bambino da uv e weather. 108 x 58 x 112 cm.

2 kg 11,5 kg incl. 3.2 kg 12.7 kg incl. 3.3 kg 12,8 kg incl. Frame of weights and wheels.

95 x 60 x 40 cm. Child can look in both directions. Baby carrycot with swing function. Powered by pro concept store. The item "bebebi model florida 3 in 1 stroller combined wheel airr" is on sale since Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

It is in the category "baby, childcare \ strollers, systems, access. The seller is "pro-concept-store" and is located at / in greven. This item can be shipped to the following country: France. Chassis and wheels)

  • stroller weight: 3.2 kg (12.7 kg incl chassis and wheels)
  • Baby weight report: 3.3 kg (12.8 kg incl chassis and wheels)
  • seat width: 35 cm
  • height adjustable handlebars: 75-110 cm
  • frame and wheels: 9.7 kg
  • folded dimensions: 95 x 60 x 40 cm
  • line of sight: child can look in both directions
  • material: easy-care textiles
  • brake: central rear brake
  • pram: baby basket with swing function
  • swivel wheels (lockable): yes
  • tires: inflatable wheels in white
  • brand: bebebi
  • type: combined system
  • recommended age: from birth
  • number of seats: 1
  • country of manufacture: poland
  • manufacturer part number: not applicable

  • Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel   Bebebi Model Florida 3 In 1 Stroller Combined Air Wheel